but seriously though how was joslyn not in the bottom two after THAT

it’s been hours and as you can see i’m not over it. I WAS REALLY STARTING TO LOVE TRINITY DAMN YOUSE

catching up with drag race and literally cringing so much that i might vanish up my own bum. oh joslyn. baby joslyn. put that little bird back inside oh my god YOU CAN’T SAY THAT TO CHER’S MOTHER HOLY FUCKING SHIT

other than that, bianca, trinity and courtney’s runway looks were uhmayzing.

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I swear these two

favourites. you’ve grown on me, trinity k bonet :’)

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"Ladies, I’ve made my decision."

thank fuck this happened BECAUSE I WAS ABOUT TO LOSE MY SHIT. no way ben should go home before darienne, no way no how

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important moments in history.

bitch, it’s herstory

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life aspirations tbh

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Bianca Del Rio is my spirit animal.