But I will give you an endless supply of rechargeable batteries. Deal?

i have a feeling cas ain’t making it out of this season AND IT’S VERY UPSETTING TO ME

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and whilst i haven’t seen it, i will always reblog cas pulling faces.

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There was a demon on Inside Number 9 called Castiel, who was a demon of mischief. Thanks Steve and Reece, my cat’s name is now WAY more appropriate :D

new favourite couple’s hobby: yelling ‘YOU RUINED THE UNIVERSE YOU DAMN SON OF A BITCH’ at each other from different rooms of the house.



  "I'm gonna become a hunter" - [x] Human Hunter Cas AU  

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i have to reblog because the bottom left one is making me laugh way too much. dean makes cas go from >:O to :| in about half a second AND IT’S WAY TOO AMUSING TO ME I NEED TO GO TO BED

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